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Though air tickets are available on a number of travel website in India like cleartrip, makemytrip, and others, many travelers face a problem when they book a ticket from the travel website, The credit card payment will not be accepted and these portals may charge a higher price including their processing fee. Hence many travelers prefer to book a ticket directly from the airline website, though it may be a time consuming task. For airlines, directing booking will be preferred as they do not have to pay a commission to the travel agent or website. They will promote their sale offline in the newspaper as well as online, as many fliers will not have the time to check different websites separately. There are very few websites which list the offers from the different airlines which have been published offline . The cancellation charges for some airlines have increased significantly over the last few years
Global seat sale from Jet Airways
Upto 35% off on domestic and international flights
Jet Airways and Etihad Airways present the global seat sale with upto 35% off on Premiere(Business ) and Economy cabins
83 destinations around the world, 51 destinations across India
Booking period : 25 Feb 2015 to 3 March 2015
(both dates inclusive)
Travel period : 3 March 2015 till 12 Dec 2015 (international)
11 March 2015 till 11 April 2015 (Domestic)

Discount on international flights from select cities applicable in Premier and Economy
Discount on select domestic flights for economy only
Limited seats on first come first serve
Offer cannot be combined with other offer
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